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I'm Lailo

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I studied Computer Science at the University of Applied Sciences of Eastern Switzerland.

After my studies late 2012, I joined startup after startup. I mainly focused on building MVPs from scratch and increasing customer base with growth hacking strategies.

Since 2013, I work mostly remotely from all around the world. I learned a lot about working with and leading remote teams.

My current focus is on simplicity in code and design. While some people over engineer, I prefer to start with minimal feature set.


Short introduction of my skills including the past and the now.


12+ Years


Currently working React, TailwindCSS and Typescript, and also keeping an eye on Svelte and RedwoodJS.


Started developing web applications in 2010. First, only static websites with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, switched quickly to Ruby on Rails and Python Django. Then started using React in 2014 and VueJS in 2017.


10+ Years


Currently developing games and apps with SwiftUI, and learning to build apps for watchOS, macOS and iPadOS.


I started learning Objective-C shortly after the AppStore was introduced. Later I used Swift as my primary programming language. I also worked on cross platform projects using Sencha Touch, Ionic and React Native.


7+ Years


Currently using with NodeJS and Prisma to develop GraphQL APIs and learning Golang. I'm also keeping an eye on Swift its Vapor web framework.


Started developing REST APIs in 2012 with Ruby on Rails, switched to Python Django in 2013 and using Node since 2015. In 2017, I started developing GraphQL APIs with NodeJS and Apollo GraphQL.


6+ Years


Currently I'm focused on reducing the gap between designers and developers by researching the best combination of tools like Sketch, Zeplin and TailwindCSS.


I started focusing on design when I started developing mobile apps. I always tried get the best user interface with the least amount of interactions. I took this design passion from mobile into web development with the mobile first strategy.

If you have any question or feedback, please feel free to talk to me onTwittervia direct message as I have it open for everyone.