This Blog Is Open Source

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Updated at Mar 30, 2020

This Blog Is Open Source

This blog is built with Next.js using Tailwind CSS for styling. The source code is on GitHub and it's deployed on Zeit's Now.

Get Started

To get started, you only need to pull or fork the repository, update some config variables and choose your favorite color. You can find a step-by-step instruction in the of the project.

Add Article

Adding new posts is as simple as creating a new Markdown file inside the /articles folder and pushing it to GitHub's master branch.

Meta Data

It's important that you keep the meta data at the top of the file.

title: 'This Blog Is Open Source'
description: 'Use this blog to ....'
tags: ['open-source', 'web', 'react', 'nextjs', 'tailwind-css']
publishedAt: '2020-03-29T19:14:12.215Z'
updatedAt: '2020-03-29T19:14:12.215Z'

Keep in mind that the variable publishedAt: '2020-03-29T19:14:12.215Z' must have a value to publish your article.

If it's set to published: '', your article will only be visible in development.


I personally like the simplicity of Zeit's Now and that's exactly what I use to host this blog. Connect your GitHub repository to a Now project and as soon as you push to master, a new build is executed. Within minutes you'll see your new article online.

If you want to share your new article with someone to review without having it released, just create a pull request on master and you'll get a preview URL from Now.


If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact my via Twitter of directly add an issue or create a PR on GitHub.