Since the iPhone released and the following AppStore boom, a lot of people began to tell us: "Hey, I have an app idea...".


Co-Written by Susana Garcia

Since the iPhone released and the following AppStore boom, a lot of people around us began to have amazing ideas: “Hey, I have a really cool idea for a new app!”. Every single one of them thought, they had the next billion dollar idea.

Get to the Point

They usually tried to explain it in a very complex way or sent us very long emails. As we both don’t like emails, long emails even less, we told most people to get to the point.

We believe that every good idea needs to be pitched in 2–3 sentences. And this is only possible if you exactly know what the goal of your idea is.

Share Your Idea

There are another few things that some people don’t know about good ideas.

Some people don’t talk much about their idea to protect it. They are afraid of someone stealing it. Fact is, the more you share your idea, the better it gets. Each time you explain your idea to people, they’ll ask you questions. First you won’t have an answer but it will force you to rethink your idea.

Another important thing is, what for you might be a pretty good idea, others wouldn’t even use it. And what’s the point of creating something no one will ever use? Evaluate your idea first, then decide to build it or to move on.

Quick Feedback

That’s why we’ve built to get quick feedback. We’ve picked this name because of the elevator pitch.

“[..] the idea that it should be possible to deliver the summary in the time span of an elevator ride, or approximately thirty seconds [..]”

How it works

  1. Visit
  2. Create your Pitchcard
  3. Share it

We know that ideas can pop up anytime and anywhere (having lunch, doing sport or meeting up with friends). That’s why we made it very easy to create a Pitchcard.

You can share your Pitchcard with close friends via WhatsApp and email, or with everyone via Facebook, Twitter or others.

Another important point of Pitchcard is, that we consequently set a 200 chars limit on the description of the idea. As we already mentioned before, we want that people get to the point.

We hope you like our product and wish you good luck with your next billion dollar idea. 😜